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BEATINFO Web Monitor enables enterprises and medical care institutions to easily and quickly monitor the physiological condition of their users and patients. It features ECG, notifications, physiological history, and more.


With a lot of features.

BEATINFO Web Monitor uses a simple intuitive UI and it is packed with a lot of features.

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Group Monitoring

BEATINFO web monitor helps companies and medical institutions to monitor groups of people in real-time, see who is online and receive alerts when irregularities are detected.

Physiological details and ECG

With BEATINFO web monitor it is possible to view detailed physiological information for every single user, in real-time, including a fast refreshing ECG.

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Beatinfo Web Console - History

Health history and reports.

BEATINFO Web Monitor provides health history for every user. It is possible to browse it by the hour, day month, or week and also generate health reports.

Group Management

With BEATINFO Web Monitor it is possible to create, organize and manage groups of users, making it easier to track and monitor their health.

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Why choose

BEATINFO Web Monitor?

Beatinfo Web Monitor - 雲端照護

Cloud Monitoring

Complete group organization, management, and real-time physiological information, including notifications and alerts.

Beatinfo Web Monitor - AI 演算法
Proprietary AI

Thanks to the proprietary AI algorithm, all information recorded by the ECG sensor is analyzed to present the real health status of the user.

Beatinfo Web Monitor - 即時通知
Instant Notifications

BEATINFO web monitor uses diversified notifications to alert operators in real-time when irregularities are detected.

Beatinfo Web Monitor - 生理資訊歷史紀錄
Health history and Reports

A complete physiological history can be browsed and analyzed in detail, and It is also possible to generate health reports.

Beatinfo Web Monitor - 必應健康應用程式
Beatinfo Health App

A simple and easy-to-use app that enables users to monitor and record their physiological information easily.

Beatinfo Web Monitor - BEATINFO ECG 傳感器

A light, wearable non-invasive ECG sensor that monitors heart and physiological conditions.

Health Ecosystem

Made to work together

BEATINFO Health app

A simple and easy-to-use app that enables users to monitor and record their physiological information easily.

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Never Miss a Beat


The BEATINFO ECG Sensor is a lightweight and non-invasive wearable technology that monitors heart conditions. Thanks to the dedicated apps and a cloud platform it provides instant alerts when unusual behavior is detected.

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