The module is light in design and is the world’s smallest and most powerful hardware. It realizes miniaturized high-sensitivity physiological signal sensor through circuit design and wiring, saving weight and space, and realizes the circuit design of light, short, short and continuous real-time measurement. element.

Hardware device with built-in code, can perform update, or remote control through remote control, operation settings and functions, query current operation status, and even perform hardware setting, upgrade and adjustment, real-time update Monitor signal quality.

The special device structure design and fixed design make the device tightly fixed on the carrier without falling off, but it is easy to remove the charging. The minimum displacement of the fixed mode reduces the sloshing under intense dynamics, which makes the dynamic signal quality good, ensures accurate readings, and passes the wearable patch and fabric electrode test to ensure excellent low noise signals.

Using Bluetooth as the interface for data transmission, the physiological signal is presented without delay, so that the subsequent application field can respond to the instantaneous zero-second difference.

Feature extraction and pattern recognition through signal processing and machine learning techniques have the advantages of high precision and high sensitivity compared to past literature methods for detection and arrhythmia recognition rates.

Designed with smart phones and websites, it has a fast and stable architecture program that can quickly build stable performance and solve problems.

Software architecture, multi-platform porting, through self-management of memory and file content exchange technology, speed memory usage achieves maximum efficiency and execution efficiency on each platform.

Converting the physiological index into an approachable index, combined with sports science physiology and medical technology, allows general users to understand exercise and health indicators.

Can be worn in a variety of forms (patch, chest strap, smart clothing):
The patch is low-sensitivity and can be selected for up to 14 days.
Smart clothing: tolerant, stable material after washing, washing according to international standards; comfortable to wear, can also fold; sweat does not cause the signal to disappear; conductive area does not need to wipe the water. Non-metallic fibers in the conductive skin contact zone, there is no doubt that the stratum corneum may cause sensitive redness due to fiber breakage.