Measurement information diversity – each modular function is as follows: Heart disease: heart rate spread, cardiac contraction irregularity, irregular electrocardiogram, bradycardia, tachycardia, cardiac arrest, risk of atrial fibrillation, risk of sudden death (person with a history of heart disease); Activity indicators: sedentary, peak exercise time, anaerobic exercise time, aerobic exercise time, relaxed exercise or recovery time, simple activity or warm-up time, cardio-respiratory fitness, cardio-respirence (exercise ability), vitality index; Autonomic nerve activity, sympathetic nerve activity, parasympathetic nerve activity, physiological age, autonomic nervous balance, anxiety, physical exertion, mental stress, digestion and metabolism, day and night balance, and ability to sleep. Measurement information 0 second difference: The measured information can be instantly displayed in the application. Remote synchronization within 10 seconds Managers (such as health managers and physicians) can instantly view measurement information and results, rapid response, excellent early warning and warning capabilities at a remote location within 10 seconds to improve today’s cardiac care schedule and healthcare processes. Intelligent AI automatic interpretation: Through the combination of machine learning training and AI artificial intelligence analysis and physician interpretation results, the collected big data is initially analyzed to complete the automatic automatic interpretation of the hazard level; through the precise and simple screening mechanism, various risk factors are discovered in time, treatment. Communicate effectively with experts: If there is an abnormality, it will be seamlessly referred to, and the training experts, nutritionists, rehabilitation teachers, and physicians will intervene to provide users with valuable and meaningful services, and users can communicate effectively with the service providers. Patients who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and are taking medication to control their heartbeat can grasp the effectiveness of the drug on the condition through the system, and help the doctor to predict and prepare medicines early, improve the treatment benefits and control the disease. ECG waveform can also be measured under severe dynamics Under the dynamic situation, the noise generated by the action and displacement will be included, and the product can truly reflect the physiological signal and separate the noise even if it is higher than the real physiological signal and camouflage. One finger is easy to measure, and older people can easily operate: You can use it at home without professional assistance and training. After the connection with the smart phone and the proprietary application is set, even the elders who cannot operate the mobile phone can start measuring only through the buttons on one device. It’s easy, clear, clear, and easy to use, especially for older people or those who can’t operate mobile phones. It can be set in 1 minute without changing user habits and minimizing user time cost: The usage mode is completely passive measurement. Users can use their technology and platform to transmit their physiological state to the cloud in the non-inductive situation (without any measurement action); the wearer is starting up. After the measurement, the measurement process is completely unfeelable, and the daily life is not disturbed. Such user time cost can be minimized, data accumulation is inadvertently completed, and user habits need not be changed. Lasts 48n hours:
Through the use of clothing and rechargeable products, long-term (up to 2 years of normal use), affordable, and continuous service can be provided. At present, the shortest use time of the highest efficiency full-time instant transmission is 48 hours, and the length of use can be customized.
A 10 second warning occurs: Because the heart can not effectively contract, it will lead to blood circulation stop, will lose consciousness, abnormal breathing or stop, if not treated, usually will die within a few minutes. If an abnormality occurs, it will be reminded by APP sound and vibration within ten seconds.