Singular Wings Medical - BEATINFO Health

Enables users to monitor and record their physiological information and create health reports.

The app requires BEATINFO Sensor to work.
Device is sold separately

Continuous Monitoring

BEATINFO Health enables users to accurately monitor heart rate. The app also provides physiological data history, and It is possible to browse it by hour, by day, or by month.

Heart rate detection

BEATINFO Health can detect heart rate activity. It is possible to view heart activity with the report.

Activity Programs

BEATINFO Health programs are designed to monitor users' health conditions and to provide accurate health reports.

7 Days Program

Is designed to monitor user's health condition over a long period and provide an accurate health report

BEATINFO Health App - 7 Days Program

Sleep Program

Is designed to improve users' sleep quality by analyzing heart activity during sleep.

BEATINFO Health App - Sleep Program

Exercise Program

Is designed to analyze heart rate during physical exercise and provide accurate feedback to help users understand their endurance status.

BEATINFO Health App - Exercise Program

Physiological Reports

Using the data collected by the sensor, you can generate, download, and share health reports.

BEATINFO Health App - Health Reports

Cloud Storage

Users’ physiological data are stored on our Web Console (cloud) providing even more convenient monitoring features.

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Beatinfo Health

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The app requires BEATINFO Sensor to work.
Device is sold separately

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A lightweight and non-invasive wearable device that monitors heart and physiological conditions.
BEATINFO ECG Sensor - IF Design Award Winner

BEATINFO Web Console

Enables caregivers to easily monitor users’ health conditions and provide notifications.
Beatinfo Web Console Homepage.

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