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Beatinfo Pets App

Monitor pets health!

BEATINFO Pets App is designed for veterinary and animal clinics. The app can provide continuous monitoring for up to four pets. The app features a clean and intuitive interface with customized notifications and alerts for every single animal connected and a cloud system to store data and review health history.

The wireless ECG sensor is small and light (only 15 grams) and can be easily placed over the pet's hair using the anti-allergic patch, for the owner's tranquillity.


Diversified Data

BEATINFO Pets App provides professional medical-level data such as ECG, cardiac frequency, respiratory rate, and skin surface temperature. Thanks to these data and the cloud system veterinarians can make smart decisions about caring for the health of pets.

Up to 4 pets

Beatinfo Pets allows up to 4 ECG sensors connected simultaneously, and intuitive UI helps user to view important data.

Beatinfo Pets App - Up to four pets
Beatinfo Pets App - Alerts

Instant Notificatsions

Each pet wearing ECG sensor has a customized set of notifications that keeps doctor update when irregularities are detected.

Health Data History

Each pet has its own health history record and it is possible to browse it by the hour, day or week

Beatinfo Pets App - History
Beatinfo Pets - Web Monitor

Cloud Platform

The cloud storage system allows users to easily access health history and provides even more convenient monitoring features for animal clinics and doctors.

Wireless connectivity

and lightweight

The BEATINFO ECG sensor has wireless connectivity and with its 15 grams weight can make the pet not stressed compared to the traditional wired systems. The anti-allergic patch is also very delicate and don't create any problem on the animal skin.

Beatinfo Pets App - ECG Sensor WiFi
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The BEATINFO ECG wireless sensor has the international IEC60601 certifications for physiological and safe use. It also has biocompatibility certification (ISO10993), a safe anti-allergic patch, and IP47 waterproof and dustproof certification.

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