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Singular Wings Medical, established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2015, is a combination of young talents and experienced entrepreneurs.

We have delved into developing innovative medical solutions and created an AI-based healthcare system working on big data, machine learning, AI algorithm, and cloud platform.

Embrace health with intelligence

Singular Wings Medical focuses on telemedicine and digital health. We have developed innovative medical solutions that help people monitor their health and improve their physical condition.

ECG is one of the most important vital signs of the human body, for this we have created and developed our AI-based healthcare system and have been using AI algorithm to analyze ECG signals and other physiological parameters to bring precise data to users with a fast and reliable system.

For this reason, our system is beneficial to address and monitor chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases (e.g., arrhythmia), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and the upcoming non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM).

We can achieve all of this by using digital biomarkers and algorithms in a single device. Our system enables private, professionals, or medical institutions, to monitor physiological signs in real-time, receive alerts and notifications, and generate accurate analytical reports.

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Singular Wings Medical - Meet the Team

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Continous Glucose Monitoring (ECG based)

A non-invasive CGM using the ECG signal from our wearable sensor to determine the blood glucose level.
Singular Wings Medical - Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring using ECG signal


Helps patients diagnose their heartbeat quickly and reliably.
CARDINOVA is certified by Taiwan MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare) as Class II medical device
CARDINOVA ECG – ECG Sensor and Cardinova App


Enables users to monitor and record their physiological information and create health reports to support doctors’ diagnoses.

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