Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Non-invasive CGM using digital bio-marker

Analyzing the relationship between the ECG and blood glucose level

Our BEATINFO ECG sensor allows, once worn, to continuously monitor the blood glucose level through the ECG signal.

Our ECG based non-invasive CGM

Beatinfo ECG Sensor

Wireless transmission

Singular Wings Medical - Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring using wireless ECG Sensor

Insulin injector

Insulin pump

Non-invasive CGM vs Glucose Monitoring System

ECG-based glucose monitoring has shown promise as a non-invasive alternative to traditional methods

Non-invasive CGM
Continuous monitoring
No calibration required
No waste, no pollution
Current CGMFingerstick Sample
InvasiveInvasive (painful)
Continuous monitoring (latency)Non-continuous
Calibration required-
Waste, pollutionWaste, pollution

Correlation between ECG and blood glucose level

In the time chart, we have observed a clear negative correlation between glucose and certain ECG features.
We have analyzed glucose data from different subjects and have found a high correlation with certain ECG features no matter whether the blood sugar level is low or high.

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A lightweight and non-invasive wearable device that monitors heart and physiological conditions.
BEATINFO ECG Sensor - IF Design Award Winner

BEATINFO Web Console

Enables medical care institutions to easily monitor patients’ health conditions, featuring ECG, notifications, and more.
Beatinfo Web Console Homepage.

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