Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Non-invasive CGM using digital bio-marker

Analyzing the relationship between the ECG and blood glucose level

Continuously monitor the blood glucose level through the ECG signal.

Non-invasive CGM vs Glucose Monitoring System

Compared with traditional methods, ECG-based glucose monitoring has more potential on development for long-term and expanded applications.

Non-invasive CGM
Continuous monitoring
No calibration required
No waste, no pollution
Current CGMFingerstick Sample
InvasiveInvasive (painful)
Continuous monitoring (latency)Non-continuous
Calibration required-
Waste, pollutionWaste, pollution

Correlation between ECG and blood glucose level

In the time chart, we have observed a clear negative correlation between glucose and certain ECG features.
We have analyzed glucose data from different subjects and have found a high correlation with certain ECG features no matter whether the blood sugar level is low or high.

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